Thursday, June 12, 2008

Indeo Codec

I've some video clips captured by a Logitech Webcam 8 years ago. The video clips has an extension of AVI and no longer able to play back in Mac OS X Leopard. I don't quite remember if it can be play on Mac OS X Tiger. The codec they used is unknown. QuickTime just complains a missing codec without any useful information. I tried to play back the video on XP with Windows Media Player. There pops up a dialog saying it requires Indeo Codec.

Okay, so, let's download the Indeo Codec, from official website? Check this out: And it said: "Ligos Indeo Software® Codecs for Windows - $14.95". What!? That definitly does not worth my money to just play back 10 clips. After some googling, here you can Download Ligos Indeo Codec 5.11 for free. Yes, since 5.12 they charge, and all we need is the older version.

It is time to convert the video to some common or widely used format that will not have licensing issue in future (at least no one would change the license to a pay-license mode), such as MPG-2 or QuickTime.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Preview - PDF editor


今日打算列印一份四十頁的PDF,見其中有很多沒有用處的頁,像字體細小得叫人不去看的legal statement、或者章節間的白頁等。突然想,Preview能否幫我去掉那些空白頁呢?

在Preview裡打開了PDF,按delete真的可以去掉一整頁,不過無法Save as,只可以Print、再按下PDF,選Save as PDF。雖然有點奇怪,but it works!四十頁的文件縮小到三十頁,除了用少五張A4紙外,起碼可以減少攜帶的重量(少許)。

Saturday, May 24, 2008

dot Mac

今日無啦啦去咗開咗個dot Mac account。睇來過多兩個月之後,以後每年都得付Apple七百八了。

Thursday, May 01, 2008

MobileSync Browser (for iPhone)

Every time syncing the iPhone, iTunes creates backup of information such as SMS, Notes, application and even recent call history. MobileSync Browser let you look at them and copy for archive or reference purpose, but not for data recovery.

For details, please visit the website.

Installer problem in iPhone 1.1.4

Recently, the Installer in my iPhone (1.1.4) stop working properly. Everything I try to install an application, it will says "Main script execution failed." I followed suggestions online to repair the permission of Installer. Nope, not working. I followed the instruction to download wget, which is used to re-download Installer, the file is always 0 bytes.

It has been stop working for week. Until I found something new today: reinstall the Installer. Open Installer, select Uninstall, select Installer under Utilities. The usual Uninstall button become Reinstall. When I click it, it said "Not enough space, free at least 512KB". I said, what!? I'm pretty sure I've 600 MB free space left. What's wrong?

Then I read a quote of a post in Mac Rumors Forum (here). It said, originally Posted by germen:

I highly recommend to install both "Community Sources" and "BossTool" (in "Utilities" category) and run the "Free Disk Space" inside BossTool in order to relocate Fonts, Ringtones and Applications to the main disk partition and be able to install a lot of applications without space lack problems. Note: do it in the recommended order first Fonts, then Ringtones and Applications at last.

I used to think that BossTool is some tools to avoid being spot by boss that we are playing on iPhone instead of using it for work (what kind of work can be done on iPhone?). I never try until now. And here is the reasoning, which I use the BossTool fixed my iPhone (copy from BossTool):

After I moved Fonts, Ringtones (I didn't download any), and Applications, 125 MB is free. I now feel that iPhone is very like a PDA - with so little of memory space.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

IMAP in Gmail

Since got the iPhone, I've been using it to access my Gmail account. By default Gmail runs IMAP in iPhone, which is great if one will access the e-mail on multiple computers. The downside, of course, is the heavy usage of GPRS/EDGE (which is kind of slow).

I've been using Gmail's web-interface for quite a year until now - when I found this article:

Turn Thunderbird into the Ultimate Gmail IMAP Client

Let's see how it goes on Thunderbird, compare with the already-familiar web-interface.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

First week with iPhone (1.1.4)

On the first night, I've already fill up the 8GB (7.1GB space) with ScreenCasts Online PodCasts, songs and photos. Not to mention that I begins to install third-parties' applications and games via Installer.

Playing iPhone for couple of days, I found that without anytime-anywhere Internet access, iPhone is nothing more than a WM/Palm PDA. In fact, its PIM is weaker than that on PDAs. iCal does nothing more than Calendar in S60 devices, for example, both lack of full support of category. Its soft-keyboard is harder to type than using stylus on WM/Palm (Graffit is the best), nor as fast as T9 on mobiles' keypad. Despite of those, its outlook are still cool. Its fully touch screen concept is great and provides more possibilities in programming. Yet, iPhone still can't worth its price (US$399) if without EDGE service. EDGE is need to unlock the mobile-Internet capability, because WiFi-access online limited to office or home, unless you live in Pacific Coffee.

iPhone is so simple and direct to use. I passed it to a girl, just to show her some photos. Without any help, she unlocked the phone, located Photo, and browsed all photos. Apple's design is great and user-friendly (unless you want all power from the device or the computer). So, iPhone doesn't come with a thick user guide or manual. However, we stil need some fixes and third-party software to make it a really cool piece of devices.

Patches for HK subscribers + JailBreak 1.1.4

Open Installer, select iClarified (might need to add source:, and install AppSupport Patch(1.14) to fix the area code issues in call display (I always store phone number with area code).

The following tutorial shows how to share the EDGE connection with a laptop. I will try it some day.

Monday, April 07, 2008

iPhone 8GB (1.1.4)

Today I got Apple iPhone 8GB (firmware 1.1.4) as a gift. Although I prefer to wait for the iPhone 3G version with official Hong Kong software, the 1.1.4 is still a prefect gift. Otherwise, the next alternative might be a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Is it time to play or time to do programming on iPhone?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Epson EPL-5900L on Leopard

It just NOT working! No! Not working at all. My Epson EPL-5900L is not printing.

Last year, I tried so hard just to make it work on my iMac (Ref: "Epson EPL-5900L on iMac). But after my iMac had upgraded to Leopard, it stops to work again. Every time it gives me this error:

I've tried the default printer driver which come with Leopard, tried an older one I used last time (v3.0) and a newer one from Epson's website (v4.0). After the computer sent the data to printer (it took over a minute), the green LED blinks and red LED is on. Computer shows "Unable to receive print data", "Turn off the printer and check all cable connections. Wait a few minutes, then turn on the printer and try printing again."

I connected the printer to my XP laptop. It has no problem at all. Printing is almost instantly. Sigh, I don't want to throw it away. I don't want to pay for a new one. Also, the printer can print another 6000+ pages (I still haven't finish the first 3000 page toner). What a waste!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

APE file?

One evening when I looked into my hard disk, I found a file with an extension that I did not recognize. What is an APE file? Let's google it... Some kind of music format. So, I've two questions, "How Do I Play APE Files?" and "How to convert .ape files to .mp3 using OSX". That lead me to a software: Max.

[end of story]

Saturday, January 19, 2008

VGA support


"Real VGA" (for WM6 EN OS)
這個東西讓你跑 192 dpi、128 dpi和 96 dpi。192 dpi正是原廠系統用的解析度看起來和QVGA一樣,程式集裡一頁是3乘4。96 dpi是真正的VGA,程式集裡一頁是6乘8,足足大了四倍(可參考這裡)。但這個真正VGA是很難用的,除非是4吋以上大屏幕,否則很難用的。所以就有了128 dpi這個中間的解析度了。

"Force Hi-Res tool" (for PC2003SE, WM5 w/ VGA)
這個東西可以強制那些本來不支援VGA的程式用VGA來跑。不支援VGA的程式在VGA機裡會以虛擬的240*320來跑,系統會自動放大至480*640,即是用2*2 pixels來顯示1*1 pixel的顏色

實例:Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.0 for Pocket PC(點擊放大看)

在splash screen和程式裡頭看到,鋸齒情況很嚴重,這就是跑240*320的証明,即是說,程式沒有用上VGA屏幕的優勢,即使字體用了ClearType,依然很醜。撇除美觀外,當程式以這解析度跑時,也無法清晰地顯示文件,無法顯示更多的內容。要修正這個問題,就可以用"Force Hi-Res tool"。

在設定裡打開"Force Hi-Res tool",勾選"Hi-Resolutionized below",點按"Add",選擇程式的EXE文件,點"OK"離開。重新啟動Adobe Acrobat Reader時,便會發現splash screen跑到屏幕的左上角去(証明那是一張不會縮放的圖)。loading的字由於圖的關係,被遮了一半,這是強制跑VGA的毛病,幸好那一頁是沒有功能的(若你的程式由此而使部份功能失去,你可能要考慮不強制那程式跑VGA了)。再來就是程式裡頭。底下的功能表因於是圖片組成,所以被變小了。頁面的內文由於沒有被系統放大,所以鋸齒的情況消失了。


Acer n300 WM5 (AKU3)


如今已經很難從官網下載n300的英文ROM了,中文版本的話,官網卻有15、16、22、24任君選擇(這裡)。要找1.00.24 WWE的ROM,可以在下載WM6 Update(Beta)那英文頁面裡找(不是PalmIsLife那個)(或這裡下載)。找到後按平常方法刷ROM。刷好了1.00.24 WWE版後,你會發現很多字型都是粗體的,跟平常中文版看到的不一樣。以後會說明如何修正。

先按照WM6 Update(Beta)的指示,安裝中文支援(當然不安裝中文介面)並reboot。安裝了中文支援後,粗體字的數目少了,但仍存在,例如在菜單上,如果夾雜著中文使用時(例如在Calendar裡Filter by Categories時),就會顯得很格格不入。

利用免費的 ozVGA 可以輕易變走粗體字。注意,如果你不打算跑真正的VGA(因為跑真正的VGA時,有很多系統ICON會出錯或不顯現),就無需安裝96DPI的文件。我只是借它來修正一下粗體字型:start ozVGA, convert to ozVGA -> reboot -> start ozVGA, settings, clear all Bold check box -> convert to seVGA。

如果打算使用Block Recognizer,便會發現輸入時,會無端端跑出台灣的注音(Chu on),唯有每次reboot後先打開注音鍵盤並轉成英文鍵盤,再換成Block Recognizer。要解決這問題,在 下載及安裝PocketTweak,這東西可以設定系統的預設輸入法和修改輸入法清單,請按個人喜好設定。

Money 2005 for Pocket PC


1. 即使WM6 IE比WM5的快,但用PPC的WLAN來上網是很無謂的,一般可用的免費Wifi不是家裡就是辦公室裡,在那種電腦多得可以左擁右抱的地方、用龜速的802.11B、眯著眼看那三寸屏幕來上網。無聊。

2. 就在我還在用那三寸屏幕上網時,n300當機了。reset無效便拔電池,跟平常n300當機時的處理方法一樣,但開機後,傳來動聽的啟動聲,即是說hard reset了,所有資料都沒了。無奈。

3. Money 2005 for PPC不能同步,跑ActiveSync時,PC上出現「reading device databases」然後呆了。
  • Microsoft Official Announcement: Money for Hand Held Devices.
  • 各版本的Money for PPC均不支持WM5或更新的系統,要用就用舊的PC2002或WM2003機子吧
  • 各版本均只能對應當時的Money電腦版本,即是說新版本Money for PPC將不會和舊版本的Money同步
  • MS不打算推出修正版
  • MS不打算推出Money 2007 for PPC
  • MS建議用家額外購買UltraMoney (USD$30)
由於我用Money 2005來管理所有財政,我需要PPC跟它同步,於是我試用了UltraMoney。它的功能的確比Money for PPC更強,但不支援中文,感覺又太陌生,而且還要額外花錢,太昂貴了。最令人氣憤是 “Microsoft Products does not support Microsoft Products”(某forum討論這事時,某人寫的),我可是真金白銀買Money 2005,然後打算用它十年八載的。

換WM6目的只是解決WLAN無法上網的情況,後來証實了,即使是WM6也無法成功連上家裡的Belkin Router,最多只可以借助iMac騰空了的AirPort來上網,而且升級迫使我另外花錢來補償本來運作良好的Money for PPC,有點說不通吧?雖說Money for PPC不支援WM5機子,但我過去兩年一直在用也沒有問題,所以我又決定返回WM5再試試看。畢竟,在PPC上用Money比上網更重要。


Acer n300 WM5 ver 1.00.16 CHT / ver 1.00.24 WWE + Chinese support
Money 2005 for Pocket PC (install to C:\)
Windows XP Pro SP2 (EN)
ActiveSync v4.5 Build 5059 (Beta)
Money 2005 for Windows

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Acer n300 WM6 (Beta)

從PalmIsLife裡得到的重要資訊:升級Acer n300至Windows Mobile 6的方法(詳情:「Acer N300 WM6 更新 + 中文支援」)。約略說明一下要做的事(從1.00.16升級至WM6):
  1. 在Acer官網下載firmware 1.00.24,由於各版本均無法解決我台n300無法取得IP的問題,所以決定升級到WM6一試。

  2. 按PalmIsLife所說的,下載WM6 Update(Beta)、阿輝的中文支援和中文輸入法。如果想跑中文介面,也就把小熊的WM6中文介面一起下載。個人比較喜歡英文介面,保留英文介面,可以使用Block Recognizer、Letter Recognizer和Transcriber這三個中文系統缺乏的輸入法,而且在Contact裡可以用#AB、CDE...這些shortcut,中文版的按筆劃的,誰用啊?

  3. 若用256MB以上的記憶卡來更新,可以把所有東西都copy進去,以免經常換卡抄文件。先把WM6的更新文件抄進去,把ACERN300文件夾改名ACERN300_WM6。再把1.00.24的firmware文件夾和其他cab抄進去。

  4. 先刷一次ROM,啟動了1.00.24後,用File Explorer把1.00.24文件夾改名,把ACERN300_WM6改回ACERN300,再刷一次ROM。

  5. 啟動了WM6後,用File Explorer瀏覽這個文件:C:\Windows\TrayIcon.exe,Copy它,在C:\Windows\Startup\裡Paste as shortcut。不這樣做就無法使用Wi-fi。

  6. 最後按PalmIsLife所說,按裝中文支援。最後重起。完成

第一天使用WM6的n300,用IE上網速度明顯比1.00.16快,我無法跟1.00.24比較,因為刷了1.00.24後,機子就無法取得IP(因為Router assign了的IP未過期吧),重起重刷都無效。無須修改Registry就可以設定ClearType,而且字型也較漂亮。可用的program memory也是在30MB左右,沒有太大分別。網上聽說會死機甚至reset也無效,暫時未見有這情況,不過還是有這情況的覺悟比較好。

假如你打算把1.00.24的機子刷回1.00.16的話,請先看看這裡。按正常程序刷,在出現Checksum Error時,拔電、放回,再按刷firmware的方法start up。這程序我試過一次,可以把1.00.24改由1.00.16。未知是否可以把WM6改回WM5。

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Freeware of Graphics for Mac

When it comes to graphical works, most software are asking for a price that is over a home user's budget. Especially when we are just using one or two features for as few as couple of times, such as fix the device image in iSync, USD$29.99 is never our choice. Searching for the right and free-of-charge software is not easy. So, I put up some search results I had.

Image Tricks by BeLight Software. BeLight has more freeware offer that you might interested in.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) by GIMP. However, I cannot get GIMP working on Leopard. I've installed the latest version and when I try to do erasing on a layer to make it transparent, GIMP crashed.

LiveQuartz by Rhapsoft is my recommendation. The UI is much simpler than that of GIMP. It is easy to use and it is free. It allows me to fix the transparent icon without reading any documents or manual. Unlike GIMP which need X11, this one is native in the system. It is a must have for Mac users.

For those who miss the simplicity of Paint or Brush come with all Windows OS, Paintbrush is for you.